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Opening September 9

American Mariachi

— Limited Four Week Run —

“Dynamic music heals the soul, gives women a voice in cultural tapestry of American Mariachi.” 
— Chicago Suntimes
by José Cruz González
Directed by Claudia de Vasco
Music Director Jaime Ramirez
Stage Manager Saphire Mendez*
Once on This Island: A Musical

From Our Patrons

“Absolutely loved the performance. Lots of effort obviously went into the whole production. Wonderful cast, set, and musicians made it a really enjoyable evening. My favorite show by The Public Theater this season!”

Kevin W.

July 2022

“I applaud the energy of this production. Each member of the cast seemed enthusiastic to be on stage. Bravo.”

Loyal Patron

July 2022

“The casting was very well done. We thoroughly enjoyed the music, singing, and dancing. The energy on stage was incredible!”

Colleen T.

July 2022

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