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Mission, Vision, and Goal

The Public Theater of San Antonio...

The Public Theater’s mission is to produce live professional theater that inspires, educates, and connects communities. The organization’s objective is to produce high quality theatrical productions year-round in multiple venues contributing to its reputation as the city's center for professional locally-produced theater as well as contributing to the city’s economic and cultural growth. The goal is to maintain and improve upon its perception as San Antonio’s flagship theater while creating a stronger collaborative and supportive culture with the other arts institutions in town. Theater for all serves as our vision as an arts center for South Texas.

Your theater home-base

San Antonio's oldest theater

In December of 2021, The Public Theater of San Antonio produced the 700th production at the playhouse. This theater has been a community center for the arts for 100 years, and we are working to establish it as a regional theater center once again, as our city works toward economic and cultural growth.

Executive Artistic Director, Claudia de Vasco, has a vision for The Public Theater of San Antonio that includes deepening our connection to the cultural roots of this region through programming, investing in local creative talent, widening outreach to the diverse communities of Greater San Antonio, and upholding and improving the professional quality of our theatrical productions.

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