Resident Actors

Season 2022|2023

Our Resident Actors are part of The Public Theater of San Antonio Resident Artists – our community of creatives involved during the 2022–23 season. This is a cohort of actors, assembled by our Executive Artistic Director through an audition and interview process, who will be seen on our stages, at our special events, and involved in our new programs and initiatives. 

To be considered for the Season 2022–23 cohort:

  • All actors who submit an audition for any season production will be considered for selection and participation in the Resident Actors cohort for that season.
  • Round 1: This round of selections will be based on a review of audition materials by the Executive Artistic Director (EAD) with potential input from other creative team members at the invitation of EAD. Actors who are selected for Round 1 will be emailed an invitation to submit an Artist Statement for consideration.
  • Round 2: Materials submitted during Round 1 will be reviewed by the EAD, and those selected for Round 2 will be invited to a personal interview.
  • Round 3: The EAD will select the final cohort members from those who have completed an interview in Round 2.
  • Actors in consideration will be reviewed by the following criteria:
    • Casting in the season for which the audition was submitted.
    • Availability for scheduled gatherings, workshops, and other events (see below).
    • Artist Statement
    • Displayed commitment to an ongoing artistic practice.

The Public Theater of San Antonio pledges to abide by its cultural commitment and community agreements in selection of all resident artists. Season 2022–23 Resident Actors will be announced June 2023.


The Resident Artists at The Public Theater are the artists each season that work as Actors, Playwrights, and producing Companies in residence. The goal of the program is to cultivate a stronger creative community in San Antonio, based at our flagship theater, and to start investing in hiring and developing local talent. In the future we hope to include other theater disciplines in the program.

Resident Actors will have access to master classes, training, and other creative and professional development opportunities. The goal of the program is also to build community and connection among local talent. As we create more paid opportunities for performers, the Actors will be the pool of talent we draw from. The performances include both day and night-time opportunities, so we ask those interested to consider their potential availability throughout the season.

No! Our season will include both resident and non-resident performers. All talent who submit auditions will be considered for lead, supporting, and ensemble for both union and non-union contracts.  

Resident Actors are asked to commit to roles offered to them at The Public Theater, however they are free and encouraged to work with other companies throughout the city! Actors will also be asked to participate in organizational development campaigns and will also be asked to participate in readings for the resident playwrights. Resident Actors will be asked to commit to abiding by our DEAI standards and community guidelines.

Our long-term goal is to help make San Antonio a stronger and more developed theater city, where theater professionals can make a living while calling this city their home-base. We expect that this goal, with continued effort, may take many years, though that has not discouraged us from starting the path towards change. This goal will also take the collaboration of many partners including support from our local government, support and work from other local theaters, and support from our patrons who keep us going with their attendance and ongoing financial support. We know that we have to start somewhere! Currently, the Resident Actors are not salaried or full-time employees. We will work to coordinate providing as many paid opportunities to the Residents as possible, but we are not restricting union contracts to the Residents, and we are also willing to look outside the resident actors, if needed, for specific projects. Think of this year’s cohort as step one in a long-term process of supporting theater professionals in this region.

Season and American Mariachi Auditions

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