Submissions and Pitches

For all those interested in collaborating with us, we recommend that first you read our Mission Statement and Values, as well as our Equity, Diversity, Access & Inclusion Commitment. Projects or plays not falling within the scope of our work will not be considered. If you believe your work suits our mission and values, please read below.

For Producers

The Public Theater currently plans 1-2 seasons in advance. We are an AEA SPT Theater with two spaces: a 349 seat proscenium and a 60 seat black box thrust space. Any collaborations would need to be part of an official season as our calendar is scheduled pretty tightly. If you believe you have a production that we would be interested in, please email Please include as much information as possible, such as images, videos, scripts, reviews, producing budgets, casting breakdowns. Once you submit, there is no need to check in with the submissions department, as we will reach out to you if we’d like to connect.

For Playwrights

If you are a playwright with a play you think we might be interested in producing, please submit your play to We are also actively checking in with the New Play Exchange for new works. Please note that our theater currently favors two act shows with a musical component (musicals, plays with music, the ability to incorporate music), and shows that feature diverse casts and/or stories. We are also striving toward gender equity by producing seasons featuring at least 50% women, trans, non-binary writers. When you email your submission, please highlight the reasons why your show would suit our mission. Plays may be sent to Once you submit, there is not need to check in with the submissions department, as we will reach out to you when and if we are interested in your work. We receive many submissions, and are also members of networks actively developing new works. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

For Directors

The Public Theater of San Antonio hires both local and out-of-town directors for different productions. Directors are chosen 1-2 years in advance of production dates. If you are interested in being considered for future projects, please submit your resume, portfolio, and any other materials you’d like considered to

For Designers

The Public Theater of San Antonio currently staffs in-house designers. Occasionally we bring in guest designers for specific productions, and are continuously looking to expand the talent pool. If you are interested in working for our theater, please submit your resume and portfolio to

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